Families are coming back to museums. How do they keep kids engaged?

Parents, museums try to involve children in more complex exhibits.

Capitol Hill ‘makeover’ falls short of reaching whole community

Residents and employees in the neighborhood say the parks are cleaner, but exorbitant costs hinder further growth.

‘Wait and See’ presidential election spells uncertainty for E.V. owners

Biden's policies encouraged Americans to buy E.V.s in record-breaking numbers. Now, the presidential election could mean owners don’t see the benefits they were promised.

AI in an art museum? Could be closer than you think

With the rise in AI-generated art, museum-goers indicate overwhelming interest in seeing AI in art museu

Coffee shops, cafés grapple with post-pandemic, remote work trends

Remote employees opt to work in coffee shops and cafés but the shift isn’t enough to meet pre-pandemic business levels.

Far from the holiday crowds, this Smithsonian museum doesn’t mind the quiet

The Anacostia Community Museum prides itself on putting community first — whether or not the tourists follow.

D.C. shops thrive in the evolving age of electric bikes and scooters

Electric bicycles and scooters have risen in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic, but are people really benefiting from technological advancements in transportation. Some say yes.

Memorial Day parking is free in D.C. Should it be?

Free parking is often touted as a way to get people into downtowns. But many Memorial Day drivers in D.C. were oblivious to it in the first place.

D.C. street vendors persevere through tumultuous weather

From pouring rain to sweltering heat, independent sellers try to make a living.

‘Can’t survive without it’: Contactless payment inflates vender prices

Customers take on financial burden for fees associated with Apple Pay and other digital wallets.


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